At Chaya Maya we are a sustainable, eco-tourist destination.  We use solar power, composting toilets, sustainable building practices, local grown organic fruits and vegetables, and are involved in rainforest preservation.  We purchase food, furniture and artwork locally, provide local jobs, support the community and participate in community outreach projects.


Solar Power and Composting Toilets

We generate our own power with solar.  We use minimal power.  We have solar lights, solar USB charges, and minimal power usage.  Our toilets are non chemical engineered composting toilets.  Our showers are gravity fed.  We collect our water from the local natural spring, rain water and use Berkey Filters to filter for safe drinking water.


Permaculture is the practice of developing sustainable architecture, regenerative and self-maintained habitat and agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems.  Chaya Maya uses the philosophy of working with and protecting nature, rather than against it.


Support the Local Community

Chaya Maya supports the local community and economy by hiring local Belizeans, and buying local foods, furniture and artwork.  We have developed a close relationship with the local community of Ontario Village.  We support and partner with local families, the high school, a local church and local businesses.