Experience the rich and diverse culture of Belize.  Visit the Mennonite and Amish community of Spanish Lookout, shop at a local market in San Ignacio, see the local houses, meet the local people and even stop at the local watering holes (both in the river and in a bar).


Visit the Mennonite and Amish Community of Spanish Lookout

Belize has a large Mennonite community in Spanish Lookout.  Some Mennonites ride horse and buggy, while others operate an ice cream parlor and local stores.  They have a large farming community with beautiful farms in an incredible rolling country setting.


Experience the Culture of San Ignacio

Shop at the local markets or local shops in San Ignacio.  This town is a town beaming with character.  The town has some great local restaurants, local artwork, and gives you a taste of local Belizean life.


Stop at the Local Watering Holes

Our guides now the local area and can show you around.  You can swim in the river in the local watering hole, or stop at a local pub, see the local areas and homes and enjoy the community.  Your guide will be happy to customize a tour to help you experience the country.


La Ruta Maya - Belize River Challenge - Early March

The La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge comes right by the Chaya Maya riverfront on the first day of the annual canoe race.  The race is a 4 day race, with teams of canoes.  They start in San Ignacio and finish at the ocean.  If you are here in early March, we have a front row seat on our riverside bar to watch the racers.