At Chaya Maya, hundreds of tropical bird species are abundant on our 80 acre sub-tropical rain forest reserve. Toucans (keel-billed and lesser), parrots, collared aracari, blue crowned mot-mot, thrush, hummingbirds, honey creepers, wood creepers, tanagers, trogons, tinamou, puff birds, parakeets, falcons, swallow tailed kites, and hawks are a few of the species commonly seen.


Birding onsite at your own pace

Our 80 acre sub tropical rainforest reserve is an ideal habitat for hundreds of tropical bird species.  Wake up to keel-billed toucans.  Hear to sounds of parrots and parakeets and many other song birds.  Walk the paths along the onsite natural spring and stream to spot and identify many bird species.   The reserve has many tropical flower, fruit trees, bamboo, and other vegetation making a great habitat for many species.


Birding on the Belize River by canoe or motor boat

Chaya Maya lodge is on the Belize River.  Take a ride on the river to observe the species that love the river banks or the river itself.  You can canoe on your own, or take a guided trip.


Bird Watching Tours

Cayo in Belize has many bird watching tours including botanical gardens, butterfly gardens, the Belize zoo, and other beautiful locations.  We can arrange tours based on your birding preferences.


Hire a local birding guide

Local birding guides are available to direct you to locations for bird watching. They can guide you on land or on the river.